Ditching School

September 23, 2016
By brandon_pineda SILVER, Sacramento, California
brandon_pineda SILVER, Sacramento, California
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My most favorite mistake was when i was in freshman year. In freshman year i used to slack off a lot then one day i decided to ditch school. I told some friends let's go to lollicup and get some drinks at 5th period. Then when it was about to be 5th period we ditched and started walking to lollicup. While we were walking to lollicup we were covering our face with a hoodie so people don't see us or recognize us.

When we got to lollicup i bought myself a large vanilla and boba icee. I was so satisfied what i gotted then we relaxed in the comfortable red seat's. We waited and talked for awhile and then it was time for us to head back to school to get pick up. On our way over there i heard a horn beeps at us two time and when i looked back i seen a orange nissan and in my mind i was like oh my lord i'm screwed. 

The author's comments:

this happend to me in fresh man year and i feel dumb doing that 

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