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   A few days ago my best friend and I went to see "Liar Liar" starring Jim Carrey. If you're the type of person who likes a funny flick, this is the movie to see. The plot is a good one, if you like to enjoy a little vacation from reality once in a while.

The movie is about a young boy whose father can never keep a promise and makes up false excuses for his faults. The little boy wishes on his fifth birthday that for one whole day his father can't tell a lie. The wish magically comes true, and Jim Carrey, who plays Fletcher, the boy's father, cannot tell a lie. He hilariously gets himself into trouble time after time. For instance, a really fat guy asks him, "Hey Fletcher, what's up?" Fletcher quickly snaps back, "Nothing but your cholesterol, pal." This movie is good if you need cheering up because it certainly does that well

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i love this so much!

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