Marc Jacobs

January 12, 2009
By Samie Riley, Hartland, WI

This ad was created by Marc Jacobs to sell women’s clothing. This ad targets younger women in there 20’s. A handsome young man is wearing women’s clothing instead of men’s clothing. Marc Jacobs clothes are not cheap. This suggests that women who want to wear Marc Jacobs clothes need a high paying job.

This ad is a two page ad that has the same man on both pages. On the first page he is wearing a woman’s black dress and men’s clothing. He also has sun glasses on. On the next page, he is wearing a black and white dress. He has the same sun glasses on and holding a purse in his hand. He is also holding a purse in his had. On the first page the words Marc By Marc Jacobs are written just below the man’s knee. Then the locations of his stores are listed below.

The man looks to be in a basement of an old house that is not finished. The first picture he stands in the middle of the room and he seems to be confident by the way he is standing. The second picture he looks to be sitting on a ledge. He is leaning on one arm more and the other is across his lap. This makes his body lean to the side and makes him look innocent. Marc Jacobs does sell men’s clothing. Marc Jacob must feel that men feel confident wearing any of his clothes.

A rich and glamorized life style is portrayed. If you read where the stores are located you realize that people who live here have money to spend. These are big cities all over the world that are selling Marc Jacobs. Also just looking at the two dresses you can tell that this is a high end clothing line. The material looks expensive and the jewelry also. The model is tall, skinny, good looking and has nice skin.

Values of a rich and glamour’s life are being portrayed. You can tell right away that this line of clothes is for people who have money. His hair looks perfect and how the dresses fit on him. There are no healthy messages in this ad.

Sexuality is being used to persuade the reader to buy the clothes. If you buy the clothes you will feel good about your self. Beautiful people are also being used by have a good looking model.

When looking at and ad people want to know how much it cost. The ad does not have a price anywhere. You want to know why they have a man wearing women’s clothing instead of men’s clothing. However, this makes people want to find out what else Marc Jacobs is selling.

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