Vlogbrothers - A Revolutionary YouTube Project

December 6, 2008
By Alyssa Batchelor, Bethlehem, PA

Hank and John Green started a channel called Vlogbrothers at the beginning of January 2007. They started a year long project, entitled 'Brotherhood 2.0,' where they would "vlog" or post videos everyday, alternating for an entire year, except weekends. The two brothers never expected to get very big or go far with the project, but Brotherhood 2.0 eventually took off with a vengence. They started referring to their veiwers as "Nerdfighters." In which, they made a statement that it's okay to be different; to be a nerd; to be smart and out of the ordinary. This gave a place where nerds alike could finally show their true nerd pride, without being rediculed for it. Nerdfighters age from teens to adults and come from all over the world. Nerdfighters are concerned with the environment and helping children in Bangladesh. The series ended on December 31st, 2007, but Hank and John still make videos every week. John Green is an author who was on the New York Bestsellers List for his most recent book, Paper Towns, he also wrote two other novels and a short story, Let It Snow, with Maureen Johnson, author of 13 Little Blue Envolopes, and Lauren Myracle, author of TTYL. Hank Green is the founder of ecogeek.org, an environmental website that is about new environmental or 'green' technology.

The author's comments:
My name is Alyssa B. I'm sixteen, and reside in Pennsylvania. I am proud to be a nerdfighter and to be apart of this online community that inspires so much awesome. DFTBA!

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on Jan. 14 2011 at 7:31 pm
AliceForever BRONZE, Someplace, Wisconsin
1 article 6 photos 36 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes it takes a crazy person to see the truth. If so, I'm a freaking lunatic."- Stephen Colbert

"YOU CAN'T STOP THIS TRAIN!" My friend and illustrator, CK

I am a Nerdfighter. My mom is a Nerdfighter. My entire are Nerdfighters!

on Jul. 2 2010 at 10:07 am
clairebearpwns SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
9 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"What in the name of Merlin's most baggiest Y fronts was that about?" -Ron Weasley {by:JK Rowling}

Nerdfighters FTW!! :)

Lynn said...
on Mar. 8 2009 at 9:58 pm
Hey guys, DFTBA! I'm really glad there are some Nerdfighters here. <3

cfinest1 said...
on Mar. 7 2009 at 3:47 am
Hey, I'm a Pa nerdfighter too! Great article! DFTBA -- Chris F

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