Troy Tech/IB Program

October 11, 2008
Ranked number 23 in America and number 2 in Orange County, Troy High School is a fantastic place for students to learn and make new friends. Ambitious students from all over California as far as Riverside and San Diego come to Troy and are proud to be Warriors everyday. You may think that Troy is a nerd school, but it's also a public school open to local students. Many sports teams at Troy are fairly successful with award winning dance, volleyball, tennis, golf, and basketball teams. Troy is definitely a school worth going to.

Many people wonder if it's really hard to pass the test to get into Troy. To be honest, that test was a piece of cake! Some may say that it was hard, but it honestly isn't. The test is only on Language Arts and Math. Tests are made as an 8th grade midterm since the test is taken in January. The English portion is all analogies. They don't even test you on grammar! :) As long as you know: author is to _____ as painter is to _____, then you're pretty much good to go. As for the math, you have to take two different tests. One of them is a basic standards test. They test you easy 6th grade level questions like finding the correct amount of change for a purchase. The second portion of math is the level you are currently taking in 8th grade. If you are in Algebra 1, you take an Algebra 1 mid-term. If you're in Geometry, you take a Geometry mid-term. No worries if you are taking Geometry and have forgotten Algebra because the test only tests you on that subject. After taking all the no-brainier multiple choice tests, you take probably the most challenging one- writing. You read a poem and analyze it. Try to make it a formal 5 paragraph essay but the content is all up to you!

Troy Tech/IB Program is designed so that you actually have less of a burden in college and university by making it up now. You take all honors classes at the beginning and if you end up getting the full IB certificate, you even get to skip a year of university! What makes this happen? Well, freshman year you take a college level course called "Computer Logic Algorithms" and another class called "Fundamentals of Programming" (CLA and FOP). In these classes you learn the binary system and build circuits using different logic gates. Being a freshman myself, I don't exactly know what you take for Troy Tech the next three years, but I do know that you will develop new skills gradually separating into the subject you may want to major in.

Troy High has an NJROTC. It takes the place of P.E. and you basically get mititary training. Taking this class doesn't make you prone for getting drawn into the navy, but it probably is harder than regular P.E. Teachers (more like commanders) are extremely strict. You learn about the military and have to take tests like any normal class. In this program you meet many new friends. Trust me, half my new friends are in NJROTC and I actually feel left out sometimes!

Sport teams at Troy High are very successful. For example, our dance team is one of the best in the US. They raise the standards every year, letting only the best of the best on the dance team. Basketball teams at Troy have made it to the championships several times. So far this year, our Varsity Volleyball team hasn't lost a single game. We also have our own bandos (my term for band people) who are extremely dedicated to their music practicing every day after school and playing at every football game this season. It takes commitment to be in band because you practice over two hours after school.

There are plenty of clubs at Troy so there is no need to feel like you have to join more school activities. Club Rush at Troy is chaos! There's the Drama club, the Key club, the Red Cross club, Mock Trial, Computer Programming, Writer's club, Illustrator's club, MOCHA (unfortunately not the coffee), Best Buddies club, Kid's R Us club, French club, Chinese club, Korean club, and so many more! If you have after school activites, joining clubs aren't a problem because they all meet during lunch. The clubs you want conflict you say? That's not a problem because our genuine, kind club presidents are willing to let you come every other week if you have to to join other clubs.

As you may have heard, academics play a large role for Troy Tech/IB students. Students that want to challenge themselves come to this school, and they get exactly what they're looking for. Classes sure are hard, but the teachers are extremely cool... although a bit awkward at times. Mr. J. What do you think of that name? Does it sound young, cool even? Haha. Actually Mr. J is my Biology teacher and boy is he old (no offense)! But he can still crack jokes and make the whole class laugh. We may be smart but we still have our classic class clowns. Teachers at Troy really do care about their students and help them to succeed by challenging them everyday.

Really. Go to Troy High, home of the Warriors! Not only are we over the top academically, but also socially and physically! Be a winner. Go to Troy!

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iy1234 said...
Jan. 6, 2014 at 10:48 pm
If anyone took the Troy IB test, can you please let me in on what the math was? like what main subjects did it go over? IM FREAKING OUT OVER HERE!!
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