It's beast

October 6, 2008
By Nicki Lawsttonn, Flower Mound, TX

There was once a man named Julian Spencer Gonzalez Lopez Michael Johnson Wilson Richardson bobby Hayslett the 3rd, but he was better known to the world as guy. When guy was 8 his father Julian Mitchell Hayslett the 2nd was shot by a stray bullet during a gang attack. The target was standing about 100 feet to the left of Hayslett it was horrible shot. He fell into a comma for about a week and woke up to a world in which he would never walk again. Unfortunately his handicap ultimately became his death. When a fire was set to his nice town home in highland village he and his wife could not escape with their lives.

After his parents death guy was alone and without a home. He was placed in a cps center to wait to find foster parents but he was recruited to an aspiring musician’s institute. It took him a mere amount of hours to realize that it was a junior CIA agents training facility. He was an agent for 6 years and retired at age 27 which was quite average for field and special ops agents. When he retired he was given a nice town home in flower mound and a 1,500$ parting gift.

There were a couple problems though he had problems focusing and needed a job desperately. He knew exactly where to go to find a job. He had a friend who also worked for the CIA. He owned a barbershop about an hour from his house. The ex agents name was Kevin Rutherford he worked with training and briefing new junior agents. Guy made an appointment to come and visit after hours. He went to the shop and waited for all the other customers to leave. When the shop was clear big rut lethargically waved his old friend to the back.

They talked for hours and hours reminiscing and sharing old stories. But rut knew Guy came for a reason.
“So why’d you come all the way down here for?” asked the big man
“I need a job” he said in a confessional tone,” Without one I’ll go mad”
Rutherford knew he could help and told him the truth.

“I heard you’re cousin and Sykes went into business and got there own club. I could give you their number and you could just give em’ a call.”

“Thanks man,” guy said with a sigh of relief.
They talked for hours and even went out for drinks after.

Guy started his new job off great. He was a bartender and a bouncer. Soon he was helping them build another club on the east side. He had a conversation with Xavier one of the managers’s about branching off and starting his own club in Lewisville.

“I think I want to own a club and I was hoping you could help me out a bit man,” guy started.

“Well we could give you a loan and help you find a building but we would have to be co owners” said Xavier
He was ex CIA but he worked in strategic assassination and bio tech weapons engineering. He also came up with the agencies theme song.

“Well I would be cool with that.” replied the new entrepreneur
“I’m just glad I could help Guy.”

“Should I ask Carson if it’s ok with him?” questioned Guy

“Probably, but tell him I’m backing you’re plan” said Sykes

“Alright, I’ll call you when I’m done talking to em’.” Replied Hayslett

“Sup C,” began Guy “I wanted to talk to you about branching off and getting my own place. I would still be part of the Sykes and Watkins partnership but I would just mainly run the club. I already talked to X and he’s behind it 100%”

“Well, I think I should talk to Mr. Sykes further. I don’t know if you’re ready to run your own spot. You haven’t worked in this area of expertise for as long as us” replied Carson.

“Well I’ll tell him to give you a call.”

“You do that my friend” responded the businessman “You do that”

Well, eventually Guy and Xavier persuaded Carson to give him the club and the loan. He was a successful owner. He brought in lot money and business to the club even got the club their own commercial.

But he had one other problem. He had never really recovered from his parents’ death. He frequently visited his therapist.

“So is there anything specific I should do? I think this is getting bad. And I would really hate for this to hurt my chances with this new job I got. I own a club and it’s quite stressful I really do not need anymore stress than I have now. “Guy asked Dr. Hackett.

“Well I won’t put you on any medication until I can further diagnose you.” Began his doctor.” I would like to see more though. I will prepare for a mental exam I will need you to take, so how about next Tuesday at 6?”

“Alright but ill have to be out by 10,” said Guy.

Guy left and returned to his home in flower mound. He went to bed and had the most awkward dream. He had walked for days and wound up at his parents’ graves. He began to cry, as tears trickled down his sorrowful face. He felt a warm hand on his shoulder. He recognized the touch. It was his father, he felt comforted like a whole in his heart was filled.
“So son how have things changed since I left?” asked Guy’s father.
“A lot, dad” replied Guy crying “A lot. I worked for the government, finished my education, and killed nearly 300 people on behalf of America. What have you been doing? ” he asked as he chuckled and cried.
“Not much, just been sleeping and watching you son. Sleeping and watching you.”

His mother was also there. She spoke
“How proud I am of my son but how sad I am I had to leave my child. All you will ever need is what you are given as a young adult.”

It seemed like he talked to his parents for hours but, waking from a dream only crushed his heart. For Julian “Guy” Hayslett that was a very bad day. But in the killing of his dream awoke a powerful man, awoke a new man ready to lead a new life. He knew exactly what his mother meant. He went and searched through the boxes and found what he needed. It was a chest with an envelope inside. He opened the envelope and read a note his mother wrote.
“If you’re reading this I am probably gone. You should go to the bank of America and ask to withdraw 1 million dollars from account number 135713. The username is Hayslett Lawsttonn3 and the password is flamingheartsofthelost. Use the money to help yourself help you.”
Guy opened the account and started a youth program. There were 3 parts to it. There was a shelter for the youth in a transition reaching goals. He started a school. And he built a gym. The youth were welcome to the gym anytime. Years passed and gradually he realized that pain only held him back. He also found the girl of his dreams on the day he proposed to her they had a very touching conversation.
“So how are you’re parents?” she asked
“They actually died in my flaming house when I was 16.” replied Guy.
“I am so sorry, I had no clue.” She responded regretting she asked the question.
“It’s alright. I learned to deal with what life troughs at you. Because without moving on in life. There is no living in life.”

The author's comments:
I tried hard on this it started a assignment ab
d ended a masterpiece

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