Race to the Top

September 12, 2013
In President Obama’s “Race to the Top”, Obama discusses why are nation education is so important to succeed. Obama states that our coming triumph is dependent upon the way we chose to educate our students, and that the problem with not having well educated students leads to little self-confidence, no desire for a future, and furthermore, no respectable jobs. Obama lays out what is needed to mend those problems. With high goals, willing teachers, and a great environment, this is possible. Without teachers that actually want their students to learn something, there is no education implanted. When students don’t foster an education, how are they supposed to have achievable goals? Obama also points out that without a pleasant environment, students will be less likely to want to put all their effort into their work. With the help of “Race to the Top”, these complications can be resolved. The main objective in the system to improving is to have a competition for states to get the best education results. By designing and placing data systems into schools to measure the students success will help keep track of improvement. Obama says that students will have to improve mentally because they are eager for their school to win.

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