September 18, 2008
By Felipe Croitoru, Aventura, FL

Review (FIFA08 soccer video game)
For all you great soccer fans out there, there is a must-have video game in stores. FIFA 08 is the official game of the world soccer federation and EA Sports. The upgrade from the old version is truly exhilarating. From FIFA 05 to FIFA 06 to 07, came the unbelievable, thrilling video game that gives you the ability to achieve anywhere from the soccer move you always dreamed of impressing your friends and coach with, to achieving your real life soccer dreams by becoming the Champions' League Champion with Manchester United or any other desired team.
This outstanding video game ensures fun and excitement by allowing you to accomplish tricks and skills that were not incorporated in the earlier FIFA games. From creating your own player, to actually playing with one of the world all-star players, the game is modified so that every player has its unique characteristics and plays the same soccer style he does in the real world. From completing Ronaldinho's personal skill move to out-sprinting any player with Cristiano Ronaldo, this game makes every second of playing time worth spending.
If you were asked to guess the number of teams, leagues, and players in the FIFA08 game what do you think your answer would be? Well according to the official FIFA08 website,, the game contains 620 licensed teams, 30 official leagues and over 15,000 players to play as. I bet that's way more than what you would have ever answered, or even thought of.
The high quality graphics makes the gamer feel as if he were actually in the real life game, and the ultra clear, vivid, realistic sounds creates the atmosphere of 30,000 plus fans chanting out their hearts all around you. These sounds are truly so life-like that if you were to close your eyes and listen to them, you would feel as if you were on that soccer field in the middle of a match with cleats on ready to score goals for your favorite team.
Apart from its high tech specs, the game also offers two very interactive, never seen before game modes that a gamer will never get tired of. These two game modes are the "Manager Mode," and the "Be the Star Mode." These two highly advanced and well-executed modes, make the game unique and truly worth buying.
The Manager Mode allows all you soccer fans that also have a head for business, to manage everything from scoring the goals of your team to setting your stadium ticket prices, so this mode gives you no bounds to be the greatest team in the league in unison of being a successful business and public relations manager of the team so the team can flourish in its skill and business. This mode more than attracting soccer fans to the game have greatly attracted a significant amount of people who are interested in business and management. People that have never even heard of soccer have purchased this product for its outstanding management option. This game has made people from all over the globe like, love, and become soccer fans.
The second game mode is for players who want to experience the super new "Be the Star Mode." In this mode, a gamer is placed in first person view of the game, with any player he or she wishes to emulate. You grew up to love David Beckham? You can choose to be him, becoming a star and step-by-step, reaching the high prestigious levels of soccer as well as social rankings. This is truly the closest way for a fan to be part of the "beautiful game" with the player he or she thinks makes it "beautiful."
From the day you purchase this game to the day your children have their own children, you will have no regrets and the game will still be as mind-blowing and unbelievable as it was when you first pressed start to begin your first ever match as a FIFA08er. Once a FIFA08er, always a FIFA08er.

This time, EA Sports and FIFA have outdone themselves; this game will entice rabid soccer fans around the globe, and attract new people to love the game.

The author's comments:
I love soccer and playing video games so i decided to make a review and convince people of why purchasing FIFA08 is a great idea and worth every penny.

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