September 18, 2008
This video game is very good. If a video game is a sequel or has an order to it, the newest one should be the best one, and in this case NCAA 09 is the best one yet. Now, if you have a PS2(loser), then you might not think it’s all that. But, if you get an XBOX 360 or PS3, then you’ll change your mind. While, there are things that suffer on this game there are also new features that balance out this game and allow it to flourish. For one the graphics on this video game are amazing, and the game brings out the actual school spirit more than ever. For things that suffer like the A.I being really garbage, and the Campus Legend mode on the game that never changes, you can live with these things when you get new and improved features like Online dynasty, where you can take your Dynasty and game playing experience to a whole new level. This feature allows you to take a team and make them great while playing against actual players; it’s just like a real season in real life college football. Now, the passing game in this game hasn’t changed a bit if at all, the running game has gotten a boost. Now, you can put together a string of moves together juking out defenders for additional yardage. Also, on the defensive side of the ball, NCAA 09 features a new gang tackling ability, where you won’t see one player tackling the ball carrier most of the time you’ll see two, three, four defenders on one tackle. Another feature that makes this game a huge hit is the “Icing the Kicker” feature, you can call a timeout right before the play is about to be snapped and the kickers kicking meter will be iced completely, the angle of the camera will be dramatically off, and the controller will be vibrating. This is a very good addition to the game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Last, the new feature called the “Quarterback Quiz,” After your quarterback makes a mistake like throw an interception following the play will be a little quiz to ask your quarterback what type of coverage was the defense in, if he answers right his composure will remain steady, if he answers poorly his composure will take a significant drop, unfortunately increasing his chances to make another mistake. All in all this game is really, really good.

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