Madden 2009

September 17, 2008
Madden is an amazing game for everybody. There are many different features and great graphics on Madden 09. I got Madden three days ago for Play Station 3, and have played it as much as I can. But I have played it on Xbox 360 as well. The game is awesome.

On Xbox 360 you could play different people online from all over the world. I would definitely recommend the game on Nintendo Wii for adults because it is good exercise and if you are a football fan this is perfect. Imagine playing your favorite sport football, on a video game, and getting exercise at the same time. What can get better than that?

Teenagers like me love this game because you are playing with your favorite players and your favorite teams. You also could start your own franchise and could have a fantasy draft, which is set up just like the NFL draft except with NFL players and more rounds.

The franchise mode is great for all football fans, of all ages, because you could be just like an owner or general manger. You could trade players, sign free agents, manage your own roster, and play games.
Another thing is that you can play some of your friends in games without having to play online, because all video game systems hold more than one controller. You could play with up to 4 players at a time in Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. So get your buddies over for some Madden.

Let me tell you a few of the huge upgrades from last year¢®¯s Madden. It has much better graphics as I said earlier. But it also has many different ways to break tackles. You can spin out of tackles much better. And also much nicer juke moves. The most noticeable upgrade, and possibly the best upgrade this year, is the Madden training center and madden tests. There is where you get your lessons from Madden himself and it helps your ¢®¡ÆMadden IQ¢®¡¾ go higher. It also helps you work on all skills of the game that you could think of.

One of the cooler things about this game is that you could pick what kind of weather you want to play in. That means that it can be snowing in Miami, if you want it to. You could make it windy, which makes it harder and a lot more fun to kick a field goal.

I think that this is the best Madden game there has ever been. So if you haven¢®¯t liked Madden in previous years, don¢®¯t miss out on this year¢®¯s Madden 09 experience because it is much better than previous years.

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