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By Madison S., Colleyville, TX

     Family films are constantly made, but how many actually appeal to all ages? Usually filled with pathetic humor, poor acting and sappy endings, "Secondhand Lions" is an exception and ranks as one of the very best family films.

It tells the story of the eccentric lives of two brothers, played by Robert Duvall and Michael Caine. Through flashbacks, they share memories with 14-year-old nephew Walter (Haley Joel Osment), who is left behind by his irresponsible mother. During the movie, Walter deals with life on the farm, caring for a lion, and the unexpected behavior of his uncles while trying to discover how they got their fortune.

This film has a great cast. Duvall and Caine are a long way from being washed up, I assure you. Their interaction and common suspicion of outsiders is just brilliant. Osment also gives a great performance.

Through all the laugh-out-loud scenes and exciting adventures in Africa, the sentimental and heartwarming relationships shine through. It's a story about the bonds between the characters and how they change each others' lives.

This film is beautiful, sentimental, deep, hilarious, solid - a must-see! The whole family can watch and enjoy "Secondhand Lions."

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