Moe's Review

May 1, 2013
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Moe’s Review

Have you ever used a soda machine that was touch screen and had over 125 Coca Cola Products to choose from? This machine is not that popular yet and its presence at Moe’s makes Moe’s unique and different from other restaurants. I have never seen or used such a diverse soda fountain in my life. This is a part of Moe’s that always comes into my mind when I think of it and brings me back, wanting to try all of the various beverages. This southwest grill serves everything from tasty tacos to bold burrito bowls and uses fresh ingredients in the making of their products. It was founded in 2000 by Raving Brands and then was later purchased in 2007 by Focus Brands. Today there are over 460 Moe’s franchises around the world and all of them serve the highest quality ingredients all of the time.

Moe’s serves numerous people every day and provides people with delicious southwestern food that contains fresh ingredients so people know what they are eating. My first eating experience at Moe’s was exceptional. As I walked in the door, I immediately heard all the workers shout “Welcome to Moe’s!” This made me feel welcome and I felt like they enjoyed my presence in the restaurant. I looked around and saw the numerous posters of music artists spread along the walls, making an exclusive atmosphere. Shortly after I walked in, I saw their massive menu filled with mouthwatering southwestern foods. I had no idea what to order; there was so much to choose from. Finally, I decided to create my own burrito and pick my ingredients from the long colorful bar filled with succulent meats, fresh vegetables, and varieties of other toppings and sauces. I landed on a steak burrito with black beans, brown rice, shredded lettuce, and Pepper Jack cheese wrapped up in their perfectly warmed tortilla. After my burrito was created, I received a basket containing my own personal burrito and along with it a pile of their signature tortilla chips that they make themselves in each of their restaurants. The next step was to choose a drink from the strange soda machine that I saw out of the corner of my eye when I walked in. It was touch screen and had drinks that I had never seen in my life, such as Raspberry Coke and Strawberry Sprite. I was lost when trying to pick a drink because of all the options that were new to me for the first time. I landed on a drink that was neither Cherry Coke nor Vanilla Coke but was Cherry Vanilla Coke. This is an ideal example of how Moe’s is unlike any other restaurant by providing their customers with distinct choices of beverages. The quality of the food is superb due to this large selection of fresh ingredients. It is not greasy or heavy in any way and will not leave you with that feeling of sickness caused by numerous fast food restaurants. The food tastes exquisite because of the fresh ingredients being cooked and prepared the right way. Nothing falls apart or is hard to eat which makes the customer that much more joyed. Think about taking a bunch of fresh ingredients that are well prepared and taste terrific and wrapping them all up in a toasty tortilla. How could that possibly disappoint you? In fact, my Moe’s experience was the exact opposite of a disappointment. I was satisfied with everything that Moe’s had to offer. Their service, menu, food, drinks, price and atmosphere were all a success in my book.

Moe’s is impressive due to their extraordinary efforts with the products they present to you and the positive feeling that they leave you with. Everything from the food itself to the overall mood of the restaurant was remarkable. I loved Moe’s and would go back there any day for their delicious southwest inspired food, along with their large variety of beverages. Taking all of the aspects of Moe’s into account, I would give Moe’s a rating of 4 ½ stars out of 5.

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