May 26, 2008
By amanda majewski, Chicago, IL

The excellent play “Wicked” was about two witches that grew up together until when they were in witchery school and one was called the “West witch” and “North witch”. The two were close friends but the “West witch” alpha was always made fun unlike the “North witch” Glenda. This story takes place before the “Wizard of Oz” it tells the story about what happened before Dorothy went down the Yellow Brick Road and how the Wicked Witch of the West got crushed by a house.
This play is extraordinary one of a kind. The amazing costumes that they created for the characters were colorful and different. You will not find another play like this anywhere else. All the great side effects that they used to bring the real thing to life for your entertainment. One of my favorite costumes was Glenda’s dress that she wore through out the play. Or how they portray the monkeys and swung them around the stage.

I would recommend that anyone go see this play. You will be amazed by this play. You will learn the background on the movie “Wizard of Oz”. Truly understand the meaning behind why the witch was so sad about the witch getting crushed by the house.

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