Painting - "Memory"

October 30, 2007
By Joe Meeks, Montpelier, VT

Rene Magritte:
Review of the painting known as Memory
Magritte was a surrealist artist. He had made many small little drawings: none, which had and object that performs the same function as it’s name or image. This made influenced his paintings and made them quite obscure. Magritte often disagreed with the styles and techniques of other surrealist, making his paintings a bit more unique. His paintings would come from rigorous and logical processes of thought while observing everyday life. The objects he painted were always familiar to the viewer; however the links in-between them was harder to perceive. His paintings became well known around the world; even CBS made their symbol (An eye) from one of his paintings. Now that you have some idea of Magritte and his style, I will bring you into depth on one of my favorite paintings.
My favorite painting is known as “Memory”. It’s done with oil paints on a medium size canvas. It doesn’t have too much variety in color, but it does have a good
3-D perception. The painting shows a white statue head next to a wall and a ball out on a never-ending gray, emotionless desert. The statue head is bleeding, as if the ball hit the statue, but statues don’t bleed, which is really spontaneous. The statue is quite quiescent and reposeful; and yet it’s bleeding from the temple. The landscape is really lethargic, showing no life or color. Just looking into that landscape makes you feel morose and just want to fall asleep.

This painting has my views and meanings, but I think it’s the origin of dodge ball.

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