Dodge Vs. Chevy

April 24, 2012
By Dnail BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
Dnail BRONZE, Milton, Kentucky
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This is my article for Dodge vs. Chevy crap (cough cough). If your feminine and looking for a fancy truck get yourself a Chevy but if you’re looking for a Truck get yourself a Dodge. In my perspective my Dad has always had Dodge trucks but I have also been around plenty of Chevy trucks because of my grandfather and had plenty of experience behind the wheel of both trucks also have done maintenance both.
The Chevy I can say rides smoother with no load, but when in comes down to pulling loads they are not the same, Chevrolet bogs down, Dodge has also been proven to get better gas mileage and able to haul or tow more weight. There also is a difference in gas mileage on the Dodge 1500 and Chevy 1500 they get around the same gas mileage with both V8 engines but the Dodge 2500 and Chevy 2500 diesel the Dodge get around 5 more miles per gallon.
One thing about Dodge trucks that I love is you can get behind the wheel of a 1500 5.7 liter V8 and when you push it to the floor you get a head slamming, tire squealing response. That’s 500 horsepower and 407 foot-pounds of torque hitting you in the face. That’s what dodge is all about. But when you’re ready to take it easy you have my friend MDS a fuel management system that’s cuts to 4 cylinders when at a speed of 50 miles an hour or more get you around 25 miles to a gallon.
Now comes the maintenance, the Chevy is a high dollar and high maintenance machine and that doesn’t mean because its top of the line it’s just a pain in the butt is also on both models has lees room to work around under the hood. The really bad thing is the cost of parts and labor. Why do I say labor because it has a lot of things you can’t fix on your own, yes that means a repair bill, whereas the Dodge is simple and easy to work on.
But when you get one brand new you pay the same price. But remember the difference in what you’re getting when you get a Dodge better gas mileage and more power.
Now this is my favorite thing to do with a truck, play in the mud! When it comes to this both trucks are even, in my opinion it doesn’t matter what you have when it has four tires and runs you are good to go. Just be ready for a nice buffer and a car wash.
This article may sound like I’m trying to beat down Chevy but I’m not it’s just the facts. If you don’t believe me look it up, or try it out yourself. But if anything get a Chevy before you get a Ford if I hate anything it is Ford all their good for is cars and SUV’s.

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