Honda 380EX

March 19, 2008
By Karl Schmitter, Dorchester, NJ

When I was 4 years old I started riding quads, I’m now 13, that’s 9 years of riding, most 4 year olds would be inside playing with little toy quads, when I played with real motorized quads. My nephew was only 2 when he started riding, and my dad was only 11 when he started riding, (but remember that was back in like the 70’s). So I guess you could say that riding is in my blood.

I’m just putting this out there but if you’re in to quads, I think you should try the Honda 380EX. This quad can get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your mind yelling “Yeah, Go faster!!”

Compared to a Suzuki, when you ride one your mind is saying in disgust, “This is all it is,” because it can’t ride well in snow and water and it is really bumpy on a track when the Honda is nice and smooth.

This Honda 380EX on the hand is fun to ride, easy to ride, and exhilarating to ride. When I ride this quad it makes me feel good inside. It almost never breaks down on me. This quad is also great to ride in water and snow. The purpose why Honda made this quad is to make money, entertain people, and put a very fuel efficient quad on the market. Let me say, “Honda succeeded a lot by making the quad known as the Honda 380EX.

Some good features of this quad are: simple to operate, easy to find factory parts, and is a four stroke cycle.

Some bad features about this quad is that it is hard to find and expensive to buy aftermarket parts.

If riding truly is in my blood, than I think that my children as well will start riding. So there you have it, the Honda 380EX is a great quad to own.

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