That 70's Show

November 20, 2007
“What a long strange, trip its been… in Forman’s basement”. What a long, strange trip indeed, in the TV sitcom, That 70’s Show (FX, weekdays, 4:30-5:00p.m.). The show takes place in Pointplace, Wisconsin, back in the 1970’s. It’s about a teenage boy and his five friends, trying to live a good life in the 70’s. That 70’s Show is a wonderful blast from the past, as the modernized plot fits in with the hectic 70’s setting, the characters attempt to live a good life and maintain their relationships, all while each of the actors play a different and unique style of person.

The writers went for a new modernized style of plot. It seems more like it would take place in the present, but it is set back in the 70’s. This interesting plot consists of relationship problems, for example, Eric and Donna secretly get engaged. Also, everything they deal with happens in everyday life, except the writers exaggerate, A LOT!!!

The characters are all unique and different, but they fit in together. Some of the characters are crazy, some are strict, and some are even just plain clueless. For example, Red (Eric’s dad) is very strict, he is always threatening to put his foot in Eric’s… well another, less appropriate word for butt. There’s also Fez, the foreign exchange student, who has no clue what’s going on so he just goes with the flow.

The acting is extremely good, for example, Wilmer Valderama (plays “Fez”), seems to have trouble with some of the old American slang phrases, but in real life he can speak perfect English, with every slang phrase that Americans use. Also Ashton Kutcher plays Kelso, who is the not very intelligent, coast-on-good-looks kind of character, but in real life… well, he’s kind of the same, he is an actor after all.

So, keep in mind, That 70’s Show is the way to go with its old-modern plot, the unique characters, and the wonderful acting. It would be smart for the network to keep showing this show, because the 70’s will never grow old.

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