Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Hunter Dean, Nicholasville, KY

“Who loves kids” as Charlie Waffles would say. Charlie Waffles is a new character to make money for Charlie a character on a sitcom called “Two and a Half Men”. In this sitcom two brothers Alan and Charlie, live together with their housekeeper Berta and Alan’s custody visiting son Jake. The two brothers face many problems from evading their dictating Mom or escaping a dreadful one night stand of Charlie’s. The whole time Berta and Jake are making fun of them with their advice. “Two and a Half Men” is the best show ever because the plot is amazingly hilarious, the characters are unpredictable, and the acting is predictably believable.

The plot is one of the best things about the show. It always leaves me thinking “How is this going to play out?” Charlie and Alan always argue over stupid stuff. Like one time when Alan brought home a silly looking vase and Charlie didn’t like it, Charlie kicked him out of the house. Berta will then give them unbelievable advice and they usually take it. Afterwards Berta will make fun of them. Jake will follow them along the way and make smart remarks at them both.

The characters are unpredictable. Never knowing what they will do next keeps me coming back for more. From Jake to Charlie they are all equally funny. Always having a funny remark for each other makes them even funnier. As the show goes on they keep getting funnier. This characteristic is also promoted with good writing. Without these writers the show would be dull and a predictable failure.

The acting is challengingly believable. The actors are challenged with creating their characters sense of humor. Not surprisingly they succeed in this task. They are also believable through strong and creative dialogue between themselves. They will surprise you with every sentence. “I’d rather sleep in the car than in Grandma’s House!” as Jake say’s.
“Two and a Half Men” really is a great show because of its hysterical storyline, surprising humor between characters, and knee slapping performances by actors. I recommend that CBS show this amazing sitcom every night. I also recommend that you tell your friends about it, after you revile its ingenious. You can even relate to Alan A dork, Charlie a ladies man, or possibly even Jake an intellectually low standard boy. No matter which one everyone has some relation.

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