The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

November 20, 2007
By Ryan Isbell, Piegon Forge, TN

Imagine that you have been sent away from home by your mother

after getting in one little fight at basket ball court in a park that you’ve been at for

a long time. To a place called Bel-Air in California, to stay with your rich aunt,

uncle, cousins and there waiter. This is the reality for Will Smith in The Fresh

Prince of Bel –Air (10:00pm to11:00am on Nick). Will (Smith) is forced to stay

with his mom’s sister, Aunt Vivian (Daphne Reid) or Aunt Viv as Will calls her,

her husband Philip Banks (James Avery) or Uncle Phil as Will calls him. And

there children Ashley (Tatyana Ali), Hilary, (Karyn Parsons), and Carlton

(Alfonso Riberio). As well as there waiter, Geoffrey (Joseph Marcell). And he

trades mean streets of Philadelphia for a luxury mansion and all it’s comforts. But

this also comes with it’s problems, which is the mind set for this situational

comedy. The things that deploy in making it so funny, and unique are the cast,

the acting, and the plot itself.

The cast in this sitcom is arranged in an array of characters and

personalities . There’s Will, who is the representation of the modern world’s style

from the cloths he wears to the style of language he uses. But he brings his own

personality with him. The young man, that causes his own problems as a result

from trying to get something he wants or something of that nature. And he brings

down the Banks children with him. Carlton the “nerd” boy of the Banks family that

tries to prove he’s as cool as Will. Hilary the “diva” of the Banks family, that gets

anything she wants and everything she wants as long as she’s in daddy’s good

graces. And Ashley the youngest and the most misunderstood of the family.

And the law they answer to is the Banks parents Philip and Vivian, the high

standard parents of the family. All the children answer to them including Will. And

when you combine them all its impossible to predict what will happen next.

The next quality that sets this sitcom apart is the acting. Its as if there

a real family that you may see in California. That’s how good they are. Things

that contribute to this is the easy compatibility they have with each other and this

creates a better formability between them which makes them act more as if they

were an actual family. This also can set a theme in episodes, which makes the

show worth watching. And has a lot to do with the success of the sitcom.

The last quality and maybe the overall most important is the plot itself.

The overall show and everything that comes with it . The story itself is what is

appealing and catches your attention. A boy who if he had stayed

where he was would not have become a responsible and caring adult. The fun

part is watching all the trouble he gets into along the way and the crazy situations

he always gets himself into. In the end there is a lesson to be learned.

These are the reasons why I find that the sitcom the Fresh Prince

of Bel- Air stands out in front of a lot of the sitcoms in the past and the sitcoms of

today. One the cast an there individual performances which react off of each

other. The acting and style of each character. And the overall plot. And also it is

a show for every generation, it’s a show for the ages.

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