The Big Bang Theory

November 20, 2007
By James Kleine-Kracht, Nicholasville, KY

Have you seen any really funny sitcoms lately, one great show is on and it’s called the Big Bang Theory. Big Bang Theory is a show about how two roommates and their friends deal with thief problems. The show starts in their apartment building, in Leonard and Sheldon’s room. The show begins at 8:30, Monday night on CBS. Big Bang Theory is a great show because of the humorous characters, the well written jokes, and the real life acting.
The characters will keep you laughing the entire time the show is on. Sheldon for example id the know it all type. Roja, his friend, puts it this way, “Why are you telling me about my own culture?” Roja is a very6 shy guy who has problems talking to women this creates some very funny problems. The others are also great and keep the laughs rolling.

The hilarious writing keeps you always on the ground laughing. The great jokes and problems the writers make are amazing. For instance, Sheldon gets a new wallet and has to call the planetarium to cancel his membership because it won’t fit! Roja gets set on a blind date by his parents; this creates chaos due to Roja not being able to talk to women. Another problem is when all the guys go to a Halloween party dressed as Flash, the comic book superhero.
The laughs don’t just come from the jokes but also the facial expression. The body language of Sheldon as he tries to hint on what on what his Halloween costume is, the Doppler affect, will make you cry of laughter. The actors are not famous but they fit their roles amazingly and can be believed extremely well. It allows you to think that you know the person personally.
The Big Bang Theory is truly funny and never gets old with its creative characters, humorous lines, and down to Earth acting. You should go home and get your VCR to record this show every Monday. CBS if you’re smart you will renew this show for another season, as it is the best sitcom on the air at the moment.

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