Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Daniel Brabon, Wilmore, KY

When you watch the TV sitcom “2 and ½ Men” you will fall out your seat laughing out loud hard you just might choke! The characters in the TV show “2 and ½ Men” are Charlie, his brother Alan and his son Jake are the main characters. You see struggle between the two brothers and the nephew doing his best to annoy the crab out of his uncle Charlie and his dad Alan, also “2 + ½ Men” is a great show that makes you have a fun time watching the show and shows the main conflicts of everyday life, Charlie Sheen’s at his best acting since the Major League movies the first and second movies, and the writing is very interesting during all the shows of two and 1\2 men.

The conflicts between the actors are true events that happen in every day life. Jake does his best to get his way against his dad’s commands and Uncle Charlie. It shows the difference between Allen and Charlie. It is funny how Jake the grandson makes his grandma’s night horrible.

Charlie sheen is at his best acting on a TV show or since major league. He takes being a TV uncle to a new level! Uncle Charlie in “two and ½ men” is like Uncle Jessie from full house. Uncle Charlie adds a new spice to a very flirtatious single uncle to the show.

The writer’s of the show two and ½ men has a realistic situation during all he shows I have seen. It shows the impact a devoirs has a on a family. Charlie and Allen shows how there mom still controls them both. It is strange how his ex-wife controls him and how is son controls him too.

Two and ½ men is a good show, is every interesting, has many conflicts in each show that happens in every day life. An example of a conflict in a show is when Allen sprained his neck because he was fixing the TV satellite. Also two and ½ men is a show that every one should watch and it is on CBS every Tuesday at eight pm. Uncle Charlie seems to control his TV nephew, Jake more than his father and Charlie’s brother.

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