November 20, 2007
By sarah ocorcoran, Nicholasville, KY

“Who I am is who I want to be”. This show is hysterical and somewhat confusing. Who is with whom, and who’s doing what. Reba (channel 108 Monday through Friday 6- 7 and 8to 9pm) takes place in Houston Texas, with a family of 5 living under 1 roof. The show Reba is one of the best sitcoms because of its good actors, the way the show is set up and its hysterical situations.

The different actors have their own problems in the show. Van and Cheyenne are trying to raise a baby at 17 years of age, Reba is trying to get over the fact that her husband cheated on her and trying to get a long with the woman he cheated with. Besides their, the characters perform so well on set that its like their not even acting their emotions get the real side of them on set and it creates a spectacular atmosphere for the show. The writing is so dynamic that everything falls into place.

During the shows it talks a little bit about their life before the situations started. Brock and Reba lived like a happy couple with 3 kids, and then BJ (Brocks new wife) came into the picture. Now they live as a divorced life but still staying in touch (mainly because they lived near each other) trying to still raise their kids.

Their main problem has to deal with each other. Tolerating each other, and compromising situations. The way they handle the situations makes the show hysterical. In one episode Van was given a job as a delivery boy but he wasn’t allowed to drive his car so Reba. Was stuck in a situation to where she had to be the delivery boy’s driver. These situations happen to Reba all the time and the main reason why is because she s the only responsible adult.

The way the show works is that everybody is still being raised by Reba. The show is one of the best with its good actors, their backgrounds, and hysterical situation. You should go home turn you television on channel 108 and watch this hysterical, comedy show.

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