According to Jim

November 20, 2007
By michael goodlett, Nicholasville, KY

How would you like to live in the same city of your favorite NFL team? Well, that’s were Jim Belushi, star of According to Jim lives. Jim lives in Chicago near his beloved Chicago Bears. Jim lives with his wife and 3 kids. Also in the show are the often appearing Andy and Dona, the brother and sister of Cheryl. Wednesdays at 9/8c on ABC is where you can find the show. According to Jim is the best sit-com yet because the main roll is played by hilarious Jim Belushi, it will make you laugh over and over again, and it has a great supporting cast.
Staring in According to Jim is Jim belushi. Jim encounters many problems. In one episode, Jim finds out that Andy is selling the grill that he gave him and so he calls the cops about some stolen goods and they go back and fourth throughout the episode. Jim has a gift for comedy because he will make you laugh over and over again.
This show is very funny because of the cast. The second reason is because of the writers. That’s write, not just Jim is funny, but the rest of the cast and the people not in the show are funny. The whole cast play of each other well .in the episode were Andy is selling the grill, Jim told his son to guard the grill ,but when Jim steps outside kile stuns him.

According to Jim is played by the star Jim (Jim Belushi). But it couldn’t be that great without the supporting cast. Co-staring wife Cheryl (Courtney Thom) kids, Kyle (Conner Raybum), Ruby (Taylor Atalion) and Gracie (Billy Bruno) Sister of Cheryl (Kimberly Williams) and brother in law Andy (Larry Joe).
According to Jim is the best because it is played by Jim Belushi, it is funny, and it has a great supporting cast. It is better than the quickly improving everybody loves Raymond. Don’t miss it; it’s the best sit-com on the air.

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