November 20, 2007

Have you ever watch a sitcom that made you almost fall out of you seat well if you watch the show Friends that’s the one. The sitcom is about six friends that hang out in a coffee shop talking about how their doing and their personal things. Sometimes they have conflicts between each other, but at the end they always find away to solve them. As a focus of Friends (Saturday at 5:30 a.m. TBS) the setting is the coffee shop down town or their apartment. The show Friends stand out from all the other shows because of three reasons: the characters are excellent, the writing is believable, and the acting is hilarious.
The ones that don’t know Joey from Friends, well he is hilarious because he has a gift for comedy. The characters are excellent because when their on the set they can entertain each other while entertaining the audience. When the characters are acting, the characters make it look like their not acting.
The writing of the set for the show Friends are really good. The writing is very believable because they make the writing not so boring like other shows. Also you can reflect to the writing and enjoy it the writing.
The acting of the show is hilarious? Why? They know what to say or do at the right time to make you laugh. The acting is also fun to watch because they can entertain you with their acting. Theirs a lot more examples why their acting is so good, but you have to watch it to know how good it really is.
If you watch the show Friends with hilarious acting, the believable writing, and the excellent characters you would laugh. With all the things you’ve heard about Friends you would have a lot of laughter in you when you watch it. I hope you watch the show and see what I see. The network wants you to get more involve with the show because they need more audience to watch it.

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