November 20, 2007
By Olivia Carroll, Nicholasville, KY

Do you have a favorite TV show? If you don’t, you should. And it should be Reba. A comedy that will keep you laughing every minute. Reba stands out from all the other shows and sitcoms because the characters are humorous, the acting is realistic, and the writing is very unique. The show takes place in a little town in Texas. And the family isn’t like any other family. It’s not normal, and they know that. I’ve never heard of an x-wife having her x-husband live down the street with his recent wife. But yet, the wife and the x-wife are not friends, but one of them thinks they are. The kids’ humor is just something you won’t see in an every day routine that kids have.

The characters are humorous in more ways than one. The way they play-off each other and the real life situations and conflict is just something you won’t hear any other character say but them. The main idea of the show is something that you won’t normally see on a normal show. Some people might be able to relate to the things they say to where you can like it even more.

The acting is the best thing on the whole TV show. They act like they’re really related and brothers and sisters and they’re really related. And the “enemies” on there are really friends behind scenes. That’s how they love to work on the show and how they put so much effort into the lines and script. It’s more than a hobby than a job. There is never a dull or boring moment. Every commercial comes on you’ll want to fast forward them because you’ll be so into the movie from how they act.

The writing is so unique because all of the interactions between each characters and all the chemistry they have. They’ll say something, then someone will make a certain face or their tone of voice is just so hilarious. If you watch the first ten minutes of the show you’ll be laughing hysterically on the floor. When I watch the show there is a question that run in my mind. And it’s “how do they do this?” because I don’t know how they do it. I really don’t! They are so serious and the setting is just so perfect.

The characters, the acting and the writing is just so funny and uncommon. “Funny” and “good to watch” are not the only words to this sitcom. It’s just a good sitcom to sit down and have a good laugh once in a while. I recommend you watch the first 10 minutes and I bet that it will be your “late night special” every night at 6. So tonight, go home and turn on lifetime at 6:00 and the first 10 minutes, you’ll be addicted to it :).

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