A YouTube Investigation of Wafflepwn

February 3, 2012
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Here’s a glance at the set-up: a 16 year old kid’s mom cancels his World of Warcraft account. The kid’s brother, Jack, sets up a video camera to catch an entire post-cancellation tantrum that his brother Stephen throws on tape.

In 2009, a young adult named Stephen Quire arrived home after school like any ordinary day, only he notices that his World of Warcraft, otherwise known as WoW account, had been canceled. The cancellation of Stephen’s WoW account stages the first official Greatest Freak Out Ever video distributed in 2009 and owned by Wafflepwn (Jack Quire) on YouTube.

The video begins with Jack Quire laughing hysterically while hiding a video camera in his brother Stephen’s room and running from the camera view as Stephen storms through the doorway furiously clenching his fists. Stephen leaps and roars wildly about the room flailing his disturbingly flimsy body about any surface. But no matter how an object pokes or squishes against his scrawny figure, Stephen continues flailing his face up and roaring like a mountain lion climbing over his furniture. During one fragment of the clip, Stephen covers himself in a blanket (perhaps woven for him by his sweet old grandmother who smacks him with a paddle for misbehaving in a following episode) and flees out half naked seconds later.

After having stripped himself down to his bright blue boxers, Stephen paces circles around his room like a starving cougar for a few moments and then slams himself inside his closet, fleeing out seconds later.

But the video turns to the worst when Stephen throws one leg on his bed and plants the other on his carpet while shoving a television remote up his butt. Viewers ask, could someone actually degrade their child enough to make him/her assault a TV control like this, simply by taking away video games? Wafflepwn uploaded 20 complete Greatest Freak Out Ever videos centering on Stephen within the past four years, not including bonus episodes regarding Stephen or freaking out.

Whether Stephen Quire deals with anger management or just feels extremely angry about the cancellation of his WoW account is completely debatable. But in following episodes, Stephen ticks about the most random incidents.

In episode 14, Stephen’s parents put a new pool in the back yard. The video begins with Jack laughing and pointing out an upstairs window down at the pool below where Stephen stands with his father who is asking him to take a swim. After being thrown into the shallow end of the pool by his dad, Stephen flips through the water like a flopping dolphin caught between fishing nets. Eventually after having gotten out of the pool, Stephen picks up 3 poolside lounge chairs and heaves them all at his father who still stands in the pool. In other episodes, Stephen Quire becomes so angry that he maliciously beats a truck with a baseball bat, burns his family’s Christmas tree, takes gymnastic lessons but makes the teacher quit, smashes his father’s vintage electric guitar, and throws a microwave oven on his front lawn.

It seems that Jack Quire’s only motivations for distributing Greatest Freak Out Ever videos on YouTube would be for an income by allowing advertisements before his clips. However, none of Wafflepwn’s videos have advertisements. Granted, Jack Quire may just be craving fame and uploading his hilarious YouTube hits seems to be a successful way to do so.

In episode 11, Stephen Quire intentionally breaks his family’s television set because his mother won’t buy him the video game, Halo Reach. His mother calls a police officer to speak with Stephen because she cannot handle his temper. Near the conclusion of the clip, viewers observe the officer spraying Stephen with pepper spray because he is uncooperative, which definitely makes the episode look real.
But whether the Greatest Freak Out Ever videos are truly real has slightly been revealed on Tosh.0 during an interview with Stephen Quire. Daniel Tosh makes Stephen perform a polygraph test and the results are debatable. Although Stephen never completely admits that his brother’s videos are fake, viewers can easily assume the obvious answer during Stephen Quire’s unconvincing interview on Tosh.0.

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Hockeymom said...
today at 12:13 pm
Thanks for telling us in the first paragraph that it's truly fake. Then we don't have to go thru 6 pages of hitting next to read a paragraph. Why don't you people make it one entire page with the ads all on the page in between the paragraphs.
TheBibliophile This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 1, 2015 at 6:49 pm
I love this review! I think AM might be my favourite Arctic Monkeys album so far, and this review encapsulates its spirit perfectly!
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