Seventeen Magazine Pop-Culture Review

January 7, 2012
By Sammi10 SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
Sammi10 SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
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The most recent issue of Seventeen Magazine has the latest on all the fashionable trends that are expected to bloom during the new year of 2012. All the styles presented in this issue are up to date and eye dazzling. From make-up and skin care, to budget styling, this magazine will not disappoint you. This particular issue of Seventeen Magazine also offers an array of ideas for prom dresses for girls of every body and style. If you are a teenage girl struggling to find the perfect prom dress, this issue is a must-have.

If you are a fan of the show “Pretty Little Liars” you will be pleased to see who gracefully poses on the front cover. Shay Mitchell, an actress from the show, rocks a bright yellow prom dress embroidered with charms and rhinestones across the top. An exclusive one-on-one interview with the actress is also featured in this issue of Seventeen Magazine. The interview is centered on Shay Mitchell’s personal prom experience and will definitely satisfy your personal need for new gossip.

Interested in make-up tips that can change your whole cosmetic experience? Look to no other magazine but this one. Six dazzling and quick make-up ideas are explained along with the cosmetics used to create the look. My personal favorite is their “Modern Matte” look. Another section I find particularly helpful is titled “Major Manis.” Along with the make-up, six nail designs are explained and pictured to make your nail painting experience hassle free.

The latest issue of Seventeen Magazine is a necessity for teenage girls who are either struggling to find a look for prom or those who merely enjoy fashion. This issue has you covered on skin care, hair, make-up, fashionable styles and much more. You can also get ahead of the fashion world with the styles that are expected to flourish in 2012. I will definitely be keeping this issue near my sight for my upcoming prom needs.

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