Review of "Withdrawal"

October 25, 2011
By Anjelica BRONZE, Cecil, Ohio
Anjelica BRONZE, Cecil, Ohio
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In “Lucy’s” article “Withdrawal” in the October 2011 issue of Teen Ink, she describes what it’s like go into withdrawal when you’re away from drugs. She tells about how sick a person feels and how he tears his room apart searching for anything to get him out of the withdrawal he’s feeling, but the only thing that can is the drugs. He doesn’t care that it’s killing him or that buying them makes him go broke. He knows that he should have listened in health class.

Although I can’t say that I’ve experienced this first hand, or know someone that does, that doesn’t mean that I think it doesn’t exist. My mom, a counselor, deals with this kind of stuff all the time, or at least she did at her old job. I know that once someone starts on something like drugs or cigarettes, there really is no going back. People start to get addicted, but they think that it’s okay for now and that nothing is wrong with them. Eventually they learn to admit that they have a serious problem and that they need to get help. The only thing that can keep them from going into withdrawal is whatever they’re addicted to. By going into withdrawal all the time, it’s really hard to quit whatever they’re addicted to. I know that this kind of thing is happening everywhere, whether I see it or not. Even in a small town like this, I’m sure that things are going on that I never would’ve guessed if I wasn’t here. I know that the best way to quit something is never to start. If someone I loved had to go through this, it would kill me to watch him or her have to go through it. Maybe if just a little more kids would pay attention in health class or listen to their parents, then less people would have this problem.

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