"An Epidemic of Stupidity"

October 31, 2011
By Justin Flory BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Justin Flory BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In Sarah McCrea’s “An Epidemic of Stupidity,” Sarah reveals her feelings about how the media portrays to young women that it is “attractive to be dumb.” She explains that some celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, demonstrate that mindless behavior and acting like a ditz are qualities that men find attractive. Sarah tells of her disgust of the harsh reality and says that if the cycle continues the consequences won’t be pleasing.
I completely agree with Sarah’s opinion on today’s youth being affected by the media. Most of the television shows that young people watch these days portray that it’s popular to act like brain-dead, mindless idiots. Kids just want to be accepted and try to be popular, and the media is giving the wrong message of what “popular” people act like. Although I don’t see this problem very much where I live, it is definitely an issue that’s affecting the behavior of teenagers everywhere. If everyone were to act like the moronic celebrities that we see in the media, we’d all be self-centered, egotistical fools who only care about ourselves.

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