"Censor This"

October 31, 2011
By Justin Flory BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Justin Flory BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In Tiffany Brock’s “Censor This,” she expresses her disapproval of censoring in the media. She defends her point of view by saying that the Constitution gives us the right of free speech and that nowhere in the Constitution does it say that using obscene language and/or gestures is prohibited.
I understand Tiffany’s point of view on this controversial subject. No matter how obscene a comment or remark may be, it is still a person’s right to free speech until it infringes upon the rights of others. Although I understand her point of view, I don’t agree with it. Using swear words in the privacy of your own home is one thing, but to do so out in public is just plain rude. It is a person’s right to say whatever he wants, but it is also a person’s right to raise his or her children the way he or she wants. No parent wants his or her child to be exposed to rude behavior, and when people do it in public, it makes it impossible for parents to protect their children from being influenced by that kind of behavior. Also, television shows are censored so that if children were to watch a program with obscene language, they wouldn’t know what they say and, therefore, wouldn’t try to repeat those words. I understand that everyone is entitled to say what he or she wants, but if kids were raised while being influenced by rude behavior from television and in the real world, they would be more likely to act that way and wouldn’t learn the value of manners and good character.

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