October 25, 2011
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“Lassitude” is a sonnet written by a kid named Brian in Teen Ink magazine. He effectively uses metaphors and similes to convey a mysterious depressing theme that pervades throughout the poem. The sonnet is about a girl who has felt a lot of pain in her life. She feels like she has been deceived by someone she trusted. I really felt the mood Brian tried to convey. I was hooked from the first couple of lines. The character in this poem states, “this oblivious angel rejects her wings”. This is a powerful statement that could have multiple interpretations. I think it means she is casting off all of the labels people put on her. She is sick of being an angel to everyone when people take advantage of her kindness. And now she has “no longer any blood to bleed”. A cut so deep she can’t bleed anymore. I believe this is a metaphor for how hurt she has been by someone. Someone hurt her so bad she has not the slightest dream of healing. This really sends a chill down the reader’s spine. A poem should make you feel, and I believe “Lassitude” accomplishes this very well. Brian did a great job by using slant rhymes so the poem didn’t sound neat or perfectly constructed. Rather he used imperfect rhymes because he wanted to convey a harsh mood in his sonnet.

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