Its Not Your Fault

September 27, 2011
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In "It's Not Your Fault,"by Sandra Ramirez, a girl continuously gets child annoyed from a creepy stranger. This man follows her and gives her weird looks and hits on her all the time. The girl tells her school counselor about it, and they get a restraining order on the man. This article is about making girls realize it is not their fault of something like this happens to them. I agree with this article strongly. I know several girls who are my close friends that have been raped, sexually harassed, and child annoyed and have told no one about it because they thought it was their fault. I am happy that this article was written so other girls who have been sexually harassed raped or child annoyed can realize that it is not their fault. I do not think that this is a dilemma just in Ayersville; I think it’s a dilemma everywhere. This sort of thing happens very often, and due to the girl thinking it’s her fault, no one ever finds out. Some girls don’t say anything because they got threatened and are scared that if they do tell someone, that person will come and find them and kill them. Other girls don’t tell anyone because they do not want people to find out about it because for a lot of people, it will change how they view that person after finding out about it. This is an article I appreciate greatly because girls need to know that it is not their faults when something like that happens to them.

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