The Addams Family Musical Comedy

September 23, 2011
By EllenGelman BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
EllenGelman BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
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Mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky. The Addams Family musical comedy will definitely make you scream, but only because you wasted your money. For a Broadway musical, this play is by far the worst one I've seen yet.

When you think about The Addams Family, what do you expect to see in the movie-based play? A family of kooky, dead people, perhaps? How a movie consisting of an awful spirited Wednesday Addams turns into a story of a sweet girl in love is incomprehensible. Everybody loves a ruthless Wednesday. When the family sings about her new boyfriend, which gets worse when we find out he's alive, it ruins Wednesday's heartless reputation that the audience knows so well.

Wednesday invites her boyfriend, Lucas into her creaky, dusty mansion so his family can meet the abnormal Addams family. Obviously nothing is going to go right if you're inviting your boyfriend and his family who are cheerful into the home of your own family who is morbid. For a girl who decides to start caring about something for once, she should have put a little more thought into this fantastic plan of hers.

As the play gets further in, Wednesday and Lucas drop the bomb of their big news on both of their families, knowing it would be a disaster. The families, shocked by their children's decision, begin to hate each other because of their differences. Lucas's family is conventional while the Addams are clearly not. The conflict between the families do not spark any excitement making the play dull and unenjoyable.

After a boring two hour production, the final scene is not thrilling either. There is no twist ending making the entire play predictable and boring. The musical numbers are not special and the only memorable musical act was Brooke Shield's tango as Morticia with her husband, Gomez. The old, hippie grandmother is by far the funniest character in the play and as she has very little dialogue throughout, this proves the play to be monotonous. Overall, The Addams Family Broadway musical is kooky, spooky, ooky, and boring.

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