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Product Review for Cell-Phone: The Dare

February 21, 2011
By Anonymous

The Dare. One of the newest cell-phones around! With a touch screen, full keyboard on the phone and the best service around, no wonder the Dare is stealing the hearts of numerous customers.

The inch thick, four and a half inch screen and the best camera. The Dare, sleek fast and exciting has a plethora of remarkable, mind-blowing features. Drawing pad, picture edit, flash camera, Internet, and a great navigation system. An amazing phone with lots of astonishing features. In the year that I have had the Dare, it has never dropped a call! All the features on the phone, also, made me keep it for over a year. Those are all the good features on the Dare

Even the Dare has thing that are unwanted or bad. The first “down” for the phone is the awful calibration of the on-screen keyboard. When texting, clicking keys is next to impossible. The only other downside to the Dare is the Internet. Having Internet is fun, but when it is slower than a slug, it is not very exciting.

The sleekest, most exciting phone on the market today, has its “ups” and “downs”. Though millions of customers are fighting over the Dare, a couple people are complaining over the unwanted features.

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