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January 17, 2011
By Amy Retzlaff BRONZE, North Lake, Wisconsin
Amy Retzlaff BRONZE, North Lake, Wisconsin
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This ad was created to promote a salon and spa in Cedarburg, Mequon, and Port Washington, Wisconsin. They are advertising to white women. In the ad is a young white woman, around the age of 21. White, younger and middle-aged women are drawn to this ad because it shows a pretty woman that they want to be like. The salon and spa has hair treatments, massages, body wraps, manicures and pedicures, etc. You can tell from the ad design that the costs of the services at the salon are expensive but also can be inexpensive for people trying to save a buck. Hair cuts range from $20-$115, massages range from $45-$280, body wraps are $20-$75, manicures and pedicures are anywhere from $5-$75. Young, white woman are most targeted because they used a young Caucasian woman in the ad.

The text is in light and soft print. It is sharing the fact that they have blow-outs on Fridays and that it is “happy hour for your hair”. It suggests the consumption of alcohol. It wants people to come in and get their hair done on Fridays before they go out that night.
The subtext is making a young woman look sexy for a night out on the town. It shows that she wants to be sexy and go out.
Symbols are used because if the audience target is are attracted to the ad they will stop and read it. The writing and the picture makes you turn your head and want to go to that salon. They also use flattery because, supposedly, they will look good when they are done at the salon, and everybody likes to feel pretty and sexy. The final resource they use is bribery. They say that there is a Friday blow-out, a special offer on Fridays.
The healthy message in this ad is that your hair needs to be healthy…and good looking at the same time. People would want healthy hair so they would want to go to this salon and get it.
The part of the story being told is what the hair looks like. The ad talks about a hair salon but you can’t even see the woman’s hair in the picture. I think that this defeats the purpose of the ad. If it is for a hair salon, shouldn’t they show the hair styles from the salon? The ad in general is okay, but it doesn’t show the main advertisement. The hair.

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