Mega Ramp

January 17, 2011
By hillary colby SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
hillary colby SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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80-foot drop-in, 60-Foot across and wider than a football field. This is new ramp called the mega ramp. It is a new skateboarding ramp in Los Angeles. Danny Way created this behemoth ramp to the world. Standard ramp is a 12-foot, u-shaped half pipe. The mega ramp needs an elevator in it; it’s so large, otherwise reaching the top would take so long. Climbing up nine stories tall. Every few skaters build up enough courage to skate this new ramp.

There are only two mega ramps in the world. One was built for the x games. And the other one is in, the inventor, Danny Way’s personal skate park. Skaters come from all over the world to use Danny’s ramp. They practice their big air tricks. One of the first skaters to try the ramp was Tony Hawk.
New skateboard tricks are coming out all the time. The tricks get more dangerous, more skillful and more challenging then the trick before it. Doesn’t everything? School does the same thing. Only the most skillful of students more on to med school or law school. Well only pros go on to try the mega ramp.
It is used in competitions like the x games and big air. All aspects of skating are coming more challenging. This ramp was just a big jump. The rules of the mega ramp are strict and are enforced always. Padding like kneepads, hamlet, elbow pads, etc. are monitory to have on while skateboarding such a dangerous ramp.
These ramps are already being used and will continue to be used. Only the most skillful skater will go on these ramps; eventually child will want to try out these mega ramps as well. In the future maybe they will but that won’t be for awhile and there will be more rules for younger child to be able to ride them.
The mega ramp is here to stay and the chance of it being banded is very slim. It will continue to be a challenge. Until the next new thing comes around.

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