Advocacy Letter

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

My family has been a loyal customer of your company for years, and we have found your products to be pristine. Your backpacks are well made and functional. My last purchase, however, concerned me. I bought a black Borealis backpack and the fabric on the strap started tearing within three weeks. I would like it replaced.

I am a fan of The North Face Brand. I got excited to have this new backpack. It was comfortable and looked great. I keep books and binders and paper and more in my backpack, and it gets heavy, heavy enough to cause back pains. With your backpack this wasn’t an issue. This backpack was comfortable and strong, but after only three weeks it wasn’t so strong. The fabric on the strap was tearing away from the backpack itself. This surprised me. I never had any issues with your company before, and I only had this backpack for three weeks. I went on your website to check your “Lifetime Warranty,” but found it didn’t cover the wearing of fabric. This disappointed me. Situations like this should not happen with such a well-respected company, with the warranty, or the fabric.

I never encountered any issues with your company before, and am surprised and saddened this happened. You have great products, but incidences like this one are unacceptable. You have a large and successful company, and this should not be an issue. Your mission statement is “Never Stop Exploring,” how can this be done if your backpacks are falling apart.

If you wish to contact me you may mail me a response to the address above. Thank you for your time and consideration.

The author's comments:
My backpack broke so I wrote them a letter to get a new one.

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