The Next Step for the North

December 2, 2010
By flickms BRONZE, Fort Lee, New Jersey
flickms BRONZE, Fort Lee, New Jersey
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The current article about North Korea tension is asserting that the reason why North Korea attacked South Korea on the morning of the 24th was its food deficiency. For nearly a decade, and even further back in the past, South Korea has consistently supplied a considerable amount of food to the North in order to develop a peaceful relationship with its northern neighbor. The South’s effort proved to be in vain when North Korea bombed one of the South’s territories. Many other nations other than South Korea and nonprofit organizations, such as the World Food Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization from United Nations, have worked hard to ensure a diplomatic agreement with North Korea but North Korea demanded much more from them and frequently broke promises that it made. Although the production of agricultural food in North Korea has increased, it is still far behind that of other developed and even developing nations. Hence the constant changes in demand and inchoate. This situation is most certainly an unfair exchange. If others keep aiding North Korea, this belligerent hermit nation will never strive towards independence; economically or agriculturally. Instead, it will continue to threaten and possibly attack with its nuclear weapon to seize economic support and other supplies. It will be a nightmare since North Korea is capable of advancing on any occasion it needs food or anything else. However, I find it unlikely that the North attacked simply because they wanted more grain. They could have asked for more supplies in numerous other, non-aggressive ways. A rumor is currently circulating that Kim Jong-Il, the infamous leader of North Korea, is in fact dead. Perhaps they are trying to veil his death to the rest of the world by making another incident that can distract the international community’s attention. Instead of relying on others, North Korea must advance towards solving their own quagmires. First of all, they must become open-minded, and accept outside cultural influences. If others are supporting them with food, they must give something in return. For example, in return for financial and agricultural support, the North must open their country to people who are interested in them. Additionally, people in North Korea must be exposed to the world around them in order to find what they have lacked and truly want. They have been isolated for generations and these drastic yet simple steps will bring both sides positive results.

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