Review of My Car

October 24, 2010
By SStenerson17 BRONZE, Waconia, Minnesota
SStenerson17 BRONZE, Waconia, Minnesota
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My Car

I got a new, used, car this past weekend. It is a 2000 BMW 315ti, and I am in love with this vehicle. It is black and has a sport-like look to it. It is a manual 5-speed and it took me a while to learn how to drive it, but once I figured it out, it was easy. Now that I know how to drive manual, that is all I want to drive and it is fun too. I like how fast the car is and how well it handles, but the shocks on it are going out so bumps in the road are very rough. In addition to this, when the car is making a sharp turn, the whole body of it leans and tilts with it, which gets annoying after a while. On the other hand, the car is very good at handling and I feel that this outweighs the mishaps with it. The outside of the car is dinged up a little and there are some paint chips, but the interior is in fantastic condition. I am a guy who likes driving in luxury, so I don’t really care how I look, just if I am comfortable, thus, I care less about the outside look than the condition of the interior. Overall, I feel the positives with this vehicle outweigh the negatives heavily. This is my favorite car ever, and I always have a fun time driving it. I would give this car a 9.6/10 and am proud to be the owner of it.

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