Ford Taurus

October 14, 2010
By Anonymous

The 2011 Ford Taurus is a midsize sports sedan that has been completely reengineered from its older, not as appealing counterparts. The new Taurus is very sharp with all sorts of fun features that make it a joy to drive. I own one and as soon as I took it out on the road I new it was the car for me. The outside is great looking and always makes people look twice. The interior of the car is where the real fun lies. With the SYNC system integrated into the car you can control music, phone, and other features all without using your hands. The black leather interior looks great while being very comfortable. I love the way the car handles on the road and the surprisingly smooth ride that it provided. When I first got the car I noticed that when put in reverse, a small LCD rear view camera screen appears on the rear view mirror. This cool feature was unexpected and it provides assistance when backing up. Another cool feature that my friends enjoy is the ability to change the mood light color in the car. You can choose between a bunch of colors and you can also change the shade of the color. Instead of just having red you can have dark or light red as well. These cool features along with the driving performance of the Taurus make it the best car I have ever driven and a car I highly recommend.

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