June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Imagine a song written by a famous artist named John Lennon. He was in a pop group called the beetles. This song was written by a man who wanted peace. Imagine is a song that reflects the singers beliefs in the power of peaceful action.

This song was about an imaginary world where there was no need for money, no such thing as hunger, greed, and poverty, no such thing as religion. There was nothing to live or die for. This imaginary world was filled with people who were caring, loving, and lived as one. There was no dictatorship, no politics, no governments, no leader, no such thing as power over land because the land belong to the people of the world.. People had no need technology because they had each other to keep company.

Imagine people roaming the world with out no worries, no troubles on their face. No such thing as sadness because the world offered only happiness. It was a perfect world filled with peace, love, care, and happiness. This was a world John Lennon wanted to create. Some people thought John needed to wake up to reality and stop dreaming, but in his song it says that he wasn’t the only one dreaming. Other people wanted that kind of world.

This song has a lot of voice of emotion; he sounds very calm in the song but shows some sort of anger and happiness. In the song he talks about having no such thing as hunger and poverty which seem like he was angry at what the world had come to; he see’s the world as a sick, poor, and disgusting world, but in when he talks about him not being the only one dreaming about this perfect it made it sound happy because he knew he wasn’t the only one who wanted a world with peace and love.

The author's comments:
this piece was inspired by john lennon he wrote this poem about the world and how its corrupt. he wants peace in the world.

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