A connection Between "The Glass Castle" and "Night"

June 1, 2010
By , Park Ridge, IL
I read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. This book compares to the book Night. They compare not on the level of historical significance or on the level of sadness, but on the level of relationships that both of the books have in them. In Night, Elie and his father were close, and looked after each other during their stay in the concentration camps. I believe that even though they had such a strong relationship, they really didn’t know each other. The same relationship is in The Glass Castle. In this book, Jeanette and her father have the best relationship. He teaches her everything, and even calls her his favorite child. But, in the same way, they were both oblivious to each other. Jeanette is trying to forget about the bad things he does when he is drunk, and tries to look past the lies, while her father is trying to provide the best for her, but doesn’t realize what his actions do to her and the rest of the family. The same is in Night. You see the survival mode of Elie and his father, but they don’t seem to see what their actions mean to one another. Jeanette takes care of her father no matter what. She cleans up for him, gives him money, and takes care of him while he is drunk and mad. That is her survival mode, and throughout the whole book, she is just trying to survive and keep her relationship with her father intact. Also, in Night, they are constantly moving around. Sure it’s under different circumstances than the memoir, but you can really see the stress in the situation and the distress it can cause. In The Glass Castle, the father is constantly moving them in and out of cities because he lost his job, or him and their mom just became restless. They called it, “the skedaddle”. All of the up and moving everywhere really took a toll on their family and resulted in all of the children moving away from their parents, and it shows you what moving can do to you. In Night, the constant moving caused many relationships to fall apart, and added the same stress.

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