The Annoying Orange: Youtube's Newest Breakout Star

May 16, 2010
By mania27 SILVER, Princeton Junction, New Jersey
mania27 SILVER, Princeton Junction, New Jersey
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“Hey Apple.”
“Hey, Hey Apple.”
“What? What is it?”
“Hey Apple. Orange (Aren’t) you glad I didn’t say Apple again?”
Orange I indeed! The Annoying Orange is the web’s newest fruit sensation. A feisty fruit with a sassy mouth, he sits on the kitchen counter, exasperating his fellow fruits or any animated object that comes his way. His victims range from grapefruits and Santa Claus to apples and wasabi. Orange asks the most irksome questions, responds to any insult by saying, “I’m not annoying, I’m an orange,” and frequently is the only one laughing at his own dumb jokes. The climaxes of the majority of his videos show his animated guests getting brutally decimated, with Orange’s maddening laugh in the background.
Despite the fact that he cracks the corniest jokes and that his irritating laugh may drive you nuts, his humor is infectious and appealing to all ages. Created by Dane Boedigheimer, The Annoying Orange series, which consists of 22 videos, has now been viewed 108 million times on YouTube. The Wall Street Journal reported, “Last month, Mr. Boedigheimer signed with a management agency, the Collective, to explore commercial opportunities, including corporate sponsorships, toy licensing and a TV-show pilot.” And to whom does Orange owe his fame? All of his loyal fans! Dane Boedigheimer has said, “The appeal is that everyone knows somebody like him: They don't listen, they are annoying, and at the same time they are kind of lovable."
Orange has taken the idea of an annoying pest, and turned it into something that we can all enjoy! So, before you go on yapping about your brothers and sisters, you should see The Annoying Orange!

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