May 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Pappaduex… A no go

Are you a seafood fan? Pappaduex will make you regret that decision. As you pull into the parking lot you see a boat. Medium sized. Kind of corny, but goes with the theme right? As I walked up the steps I wondered, what the heck, why is there a hot tub right out front? When I walked in I was blown away at the intense smell of seafood. It felt as if I were a fisherman in the middle of the ocean who had just caught a bunch of wet slimy fish. The vibe inside was romantic and relaxing with quiet background music playing. The table we were seated at was next to a wall, so I only had a small amount of space between me and the wall. From where I was seated I could see everything going on in the kitchen. I saw the food being handled and everything. It made not want to eat. Not a great place to have a table.

Not to long after we were seated our waitress came up to us introduced herself and asked what we’d like. We told her that we had more of our group coming. She insisted that we ordered. She said, “Well if you want crab cake, you better order it now. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone.” We continued to tell her we’d wait. After a few more in our group showed up she returned. This time the ones of us that were there placed an order. She told us that the crab cake was gone, but that her boss went to go get more. My sisters friend attempted to order a pound of crab cake, but the waitress jumped in and insisted that she order two or three pounds. I thought to myself “shut up lady, were not two year olds we know how to order.” Not being a fan of seafood, I ended up ordering Cajun chicken. I enjoy her service, she was impatient and rude.
So I totally understand that it is a seafood restaurant, but they really need more non-seafood menu items. They have 8 non-seafood items on their dinner menu. Give or take a few. There pricing was pretty high for the proportions they served. I ordered large Cajun fried chicken tenderloins with fries, a slice of cheesecake, and a sprite. An hour or so later when our food arrived, I was not hungry anymore. I received five small pieces of chicken and a small side of fries. I ate some fries and a few pieces of chicken. It wasn’t bad, but not worth 14.99 for the small proportion I received.
Pappaduex is overly priced. I mean 6.95 for a piece of cheesecake. This is a onetime restaurant in my mind especially if you’re not willing to shell out a whopping 25 bucks per person. You’re not missing out if you skip this one!

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