Red Hott Chiles

April 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Walking into the low dimmed room of Chiles, greeted by a cheerful waitress with a polite smile, was just the beginning of the experience I was looking for in Chiles, and in any restaurant for that matter. Walking through the spacey walk way, glancing at people and noticing their satisfied faces, filling their mouths with bite after bite of the, what seemed like, delicious food they were consuming, gave away that this place was more then a cheap food factory. Right when I followed my family into the comfortable booth, the waitress addressed us with a smile and a, how are you? This started the event that proved to me, Chiles was more than just a restaurant.

Now I have been to hundreds of different food facilities, from McDonalds to Olive Garden, and I would say Chiles beats them all as far as hospitality goes, with nice waiters and waitresses. I have never been in a restaurant where the employees care more about the customers more then the money they make, until I went to Chiles. From opening the door for us, until giving us the check, they are always doing there job as good as they can, and that’s all I could ask for.

The reason we all usually go to restaurants is for the food, and Chiles is top notch. They ask how us how we want the food to be prepared, and they do it exactly the way we asked. Now when I say they make it exactly the way we want it, I don’t just mean they prepare hamburgers well-done if I asked, but they would add delicious spices and side dishes that make it the finest out there. The biggest turn off for a restaurant in my opinion is if the food is poorly prepared. But a big turn on is if the food comes to you quicker then you originally thought. The only differences between Chiles and McDonalds are the prices and the food quality. Now McDonalds might come a little quicker, but it’s also not nicely done. Chile’s food quality, and the arrival time, is top of the line, and that’s why it’s the best.

Love seemed like a distant star to me, and I would have never guessed that that special something would be an object I consume. Defining a meal is as simple as it is to eat it, and if I had to define Chile’s food, I would say it was first class all the way. Knowing that this food wasn’t made at a palace, that it was made just down the hall in an ordinary kitchen baffled me, until every scrap was devoured and the plate was licked clean. Someone might say that my plate was accidentally made flawless just for me, but you know when something is good when you hear random moans of satisfaction, from one table to the next. From this great experience, I will never expect anything less from Chiles, and I’m sure they will deliver.

How many of us, would eat in a dumpy place? I know I wouldn’t, and it’s a good thing Chiles is in good condition. You can tell that they do little things like cleaning windows and cleaning tables a lot to keep good customer return rate. I also think that their seats are the best around. They are just so comfortable, that it makes me feel good as I enjoy the food. There is nothing like having high quality food and sitting in a booth that seems like it is massaging your body.

So to wrap it all up, Chiles is possibly the best restaurant out there. They are inexpensive, very delicious, and leave customers happy. From customer service to comfy seats, Chiles is just phenomenal. My mouth has been watering the whole time I have been thinking about Chiles. So next time your near a Chiles, take a forgiving chance and taste food like you have never tasted before!

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