Jingle Bell Bash Concert Reveiw

February 8, 2010
By Shweetastic GOLD, Eatonville, Washington
Shweetastic GOLD, Eatonville, Washington
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The crowd roars with excitement, and you can hear the screams from the fans. The thrill from the horde of people outside the theatre pass through the hearts of everyone. You can hear the guitars vibrating through the rafters, and drums thumping and banging from the outside. The line stretched so far down the street, it's as if the line just never ended. The fans ran as fast as they could to be able to get in as soon as possible; security holding them at bay for as long as they could. Finally after the grueling wait to get in, The doors opened and the gruesome thrall of people dispersed into the theatre. Jingle Bell Bash had begun; some people ran straight to the hall where the bands would come out, some ran right to the food, and the rest of the crowd went to the souvenirs. The table with all the shirts and bags and other merchandise was neat, until it started to get crazy, as the excited and ferocious fans tore through it, trying to find just exactly what they wanted. After the frightening pack departed, everyone went to listen to the bands. As the hosts of the whole thing came out, they roared up the mob of people and everyone began to jump around and right away the first band came out.

Being Seattle natives Amber Pacific were proud to sing at Jingle Bell Bash, they rocked the stage with their songs "follow your dreams and forget the scene", "Your only young once", and "the right place at the wrong time" after some more songs they left stage and made way for This Providence, and they blew away the crowd with songs of love and rocking out. Going through with the concert, there was The Main, Push Play, All American Rejects, and Cash Cash also set the stage alight with their techno rhythm and their jumping up and down to "there's a party in my bedroom". We The Kings came out with an introduction from Pete Wentz, a member of the band Fall Out Boy, who introduced We The Kings to the music business. He also gave We The Kings their first slogan "sign", like Cobra starship and their "cobra hand". We The Kings announced to the horde of blaring fans that Seattle, Washington is the city that their "sign" was created in; let's just say that the crowd was more than excited.

Hey Monday came out and went crazy with the music, as Cassidy, the lead singer, sang "Candles" the whole crowd got silent and lit what light they had, let it be a cell phone or lighters; it was a magical moment. As All Time Low came out the mob got so loud that they could be heard a mile away from the outside of the building. The band sang many of their older songs, which made many fans happy as they sang "six feet under the stars" the whole room was singing. As soon as they started singing "Damned if I do ya", the mass of people, new fans and old, started dancing, singing, and screaming with animation.

Once All Time Low was off the stage, the crowd of fans knew exactly who was up, as Cobra Starship strut onstage. the crowd went wild with anticipation, as Gabe Saprota the lead singer, came out with his signature strut and glasses, with his arm over Victoria, their Keyboard guitarist and back-up singer. They started out by saying hey to all the long term "Cobras" by singing many of their older songs, starting out with "Paparazzi" and soon making everyone into new "cobras". With this they go into some of their new songs, like "Hot Mess" and "Good Girls Go Bad". As the ten bands ended for the night and the hosts rounded the night off, they gave out some free merchandise and some lucky fans met some of the bands. In all it was an amazing night with good bands, tons of people, and lots of awesome music. Jingle Bell Bash was a concert to remember, ten bands and lots to do; I fully recommend going next year.

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The doors opened and the gruesome thrall of people dispersed into the theatre.

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