Cheryl Cole

January 23, 2010
By AmyPackham15 SILVER, Lancaster, Other
AmyPackham15 SILVER, Lancaster, Other
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Cheryl Cole.

She probably possesses one quality that not many other girls have.

Nearly every girl I know would turn lesbian for cheryl cole.

oh and apparently 'voted the most photogenic woman ever' Jealous?

She manages to somehow entice a load of fans, stand out from the rest of the not-so-popular girls aloud members and even land her own space on my wall above my bed! What is it that makes Cheryl Cole so popular?

Im guessing the thing that sparked off her career in becoming one of the most likeable female celebrities is bagging that husband of hers. He's hot. He's a footballer (hmm.) and yet she still isn't displayed as one of those air-headed money-snatching footballers wives. So she managed to get herself a hot celebrity husband which obviously brings her more into the limelight. Once your relationship is out in the open, the media will find every small thing to pick up on which is how she seemed to appear on the front page of most magazines in the first couple of weeks of dating Ashley Cole.

Next. She's stunning. And I mean stunning. Not the everyday use of the word. Not 'penelope cruz' stunning. Cheryl Cole stunning. For some reason her hair seems to fall in the (annoyingly) exact right place. It doesn't just full flat; my jealousy for her voluminous hair is definatley not normal. (not forgetting the L'oreal advert she is in which shows off her beyond-perfect hair) Bearing in mind she wasn't always the centre of our jealousy...


Maybe we all have hope yet. She has a tiny figure and although some of her outfits on X factor last year were not the best, her dress sense it to die for.

Why is it cheryl cole can wear jeans and a plain vest and look so bloody stylish but we just look... normal? So she has hair to make any girl jealous, a body that looks like it has never touched more than 100 calories and clothes that turn into gold when she wears them.

It was definately when she joined x factor did her whole career seem to excel. It was the fact that she was stunning, famous, successful and was surprisingly a nice person. Not one of those diva's who takes all the fame to her head. She was so nice to all the audition-ee's even if they were shocking and she took her role as a mentor seriously. You could tell how hard she tried to bond with her acts and to get the best out of them... and it paid off. Alexandra Burke = tune. The success of Alexandra Burke and then a year later winning with Joe McElderry has boosted her career even further. (As if she needed it.)

The thing that confuses me is her voice. If she had auditioned for x factor this year, with that voice, she most definately would not have got through. It's not awful, its not bad, but its not amazing. It's not Leona Lewis amazing. Her single 'fight for this love' had to grow on me at first. It was the video, her outfits in it (obviously) and her dancing that got most of its success to begin with. If you took away that video and her amazing good looks then i don't think it would have been guarenteed such a good turn out. So after listening to it several times i fell in love. With the song. (and her, again) Her second single just hasn't done it for me yet. Cheryl Cole + fake blonde hair is not a good mix. Cheryl Cole with a short middle-parting 'bob' is also not a good mix. Her voice doesn't suit the slow-ballad type and hearing the '3 woorrrddsss' is quite painful for my ears. Maybe it is yet to grow on me, but the lyrics, tune and video haven't done it for me this time.

and yet..

Her picture is still on the wall above my bed. Her biography was in my sack this christmas. And I would still, pretty much, turn lesbian for Cheryl Cole.


The author's comments:
Cheryl cole is the pinacle of our jealousy with her overwhelming support. It's surprising how she is not percieved as any other 'WAG'. Her career as an X factor judge has excelled her career.

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