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January 22, 2010
By rys09 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
rys09 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Graduated Driver License Debate

Delaware’s republican Michael castle is trying to enforce the graduated driver license (GDL), to increase safer driving with teens and decrease the percent of crashes. I believe that the G.D.L. is a fair and appropriate way to help teens with the vigilant safe driving. 4,000 teenagers die every year because of wreck less driving along with another 400,000 in accidents. Obviously something needs to be done with the GDL it requires drivers to pass a three stage process to ensure they know how to properly handle the road. The prohibition of driving at night during learner’s permit and intermediate stages is there because driving during the night is more difficult and harder to see, therefore raising the risk for an accident. The passenger restriction is a singular idea because with other teens in the car it is easy for the driver to be distracted and greatly having the risk of accident rise. Every teen talks on the phone, but to do it while driving is a chide practice. I myself have driven while on the phone and almost wrecked. Therefore, I decided it was a arduous and unsafe to multi-task while driving. Also states who enforce the GDL will recieve25 million dollars a year for the first there years, states who oppose will receive a reduced percentage of funding, so why would you not want to get paid and increase safe driving? The GDL will succor the issue on unsafe teen driving; it has already been proven to lower rates among teen drivers by 40%. Teens are unsafe on the road, but with the GDL teen accidents and death will greatly decrease. This is why I am in favor of the Graduated Driver License

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