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January 12, 2010
By Brunette18 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Brunette18 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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To whom it may concern,
For about two years now, I have gone to your store monthly. The way you design your clothing is unique. Seeing people wear Hollister clothes makes me happy, right? I like the logo on the clothes. You cleverly make those sales; girls go crazy when it comes to sales. But, I am disappointed on how cheaply made your clothing is.
My boyfriend and I went on a shopping spree in early September. We went to Mayfair Mall to specifically buy clothes from Hollister Co. We roamed around the store until I saw a baby blue long sleeve shirt. When I tried it on, it fit great. Begging my boyfriend to buy it for me was a relief. He gave in. We waited in line until the cashier said, “I can help the next person.” My boyfriend gave it to the cashier to ring up. The cashier said the total for the shirt and my boyfriend gave him $25 in cash. While the cashier gave my boyfriend the change, I quickly gave him a hug, thanking him. The cashier gave me the Hollister bag. When I got home, I cut the tags off and washed it before I wore the shirt. After going through the washing machine and dryer, it had a tiny hole on the bottom. I am disappointed, now I can’t wear the shirt.
I will continue to shop at your store, if you make your fabric to not rip. I’m gladly suggesting that you do this. You will get happier customers and more profit. I hope you consider doing this.

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