Performence Socks?

January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Every time someone watches television or reads a magazine, they see ads. Powersox is promoting something new that is supposed to be the best. But is what we are reading the truth?

Powersox ad is trying to promote their new, innovative Powersox. The ad shows an athletic and beautiful woman in her underwear and the Powersox’s, in a starting blocks position. There are big letters at the top, “FOREVER ONWARD” and at the bottom “POWERSOX.” The smaller words to the right tell why these are the best sox. It says these socks help with an “exclusive contour fir, ventilation panels, arch support, flat toe seam and olefin moisture management.” Socks do not give you arch support. The ad doesn’t show that a person would need to be classy or rich to by these socks, but value performing well. The socks are about nine dollars for a three pack at Kohl’s.

The beautiful woman in the ad is used to lure people in. The woman is in underwear which has nothing to do with socks and she is used to get people’s attention. She is staring straight ahead with a fierce expression on her face looking determined and sure about herself.
The woman is bent over and has no wrinkles in her stomach, which is physically impossible. On the woman’s ankle, there is a tattoo of the Powersox logo. Women would not get a tattoo of a socks logo. She is wearing her hair down and is in socks. Women don’t run with their hair down in socks. This goes to show that the picture has been modified on the computer and is not true.
They use card stacking because they say these socks will make someone perform better which is not true. A pair of socks is not going to make someone better at any sport. The ad doesn’t say anything about needing to run to become a better performer.

In this ad, Powersox is trying to persuade viewers by using techniques like the beautiful women and card stocking. This is supposed to make their product look the best and make middle aged women want to buy it. If the viewers where to look closer at the ad, they would see all the flaws and realize by buying these socks you will not become a better performer but nine dollars poorer.

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